Never Wanted, Never Appreciated

by Aaron

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Full band album that I recorded in a great studio here in town called School House Rock.

This album goes over the dread of one another as well as finishing up being a child. It really takes a toll.

After a few, after a couple, it gets old.


released August 21, 2015

School House Rock Recording Studio (Amazing people doing amazing things)

Pink House Records



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Bummer Tucson, Arizona

Bummer is
Aaron & Cody

Power-Pop and other projects from Tucson, AZ

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Track Name: Venture
Ever since I was a young lad,
I dream't of venturing the sea
'cause God knows that I hate you
and God knows that I hate sleep

I need sleep.
Track Name: Aaron Is Going To Die Soon
It's too soon to say that I knew you
But its too far to say that I felt that true to you

The end of my door is near but I'm too drunk to see that.

Incense smoke send me home

I drink to forget you and I drink to forget me
I sleep throughout the day I sleep through the afternoon

I hope that I don't wake up to another sight like So

Incense smoke send me home.

They found you cracked out by the old bum house
They found her heading down south
Everyone they wanted a reason
but nobody made one.
Track Name: Bread, Lunch Meat & 3 Beers
I wish I wasnt such a joke
I wish I had more weed to smoke
I wish I wasnt so dissapointing

I wish I thought outside the box
I wish i had a better fuckin job
I wish I wasnt so damn lazy.
Track Name: Black&Blue
Your nails start to dig through
Salivation striking soon
Youre everything that I hate to.

You constantly want to feel blue
everything I say and do
causes too much misconstrue

Black and blue for you
Track Name: Bitter Old Man
I can feel myself getting older and I hate it
I can feel my bones growing colder, I'm frustrated.

About everyone that I once loved
and how they all said farewell
about everything that I once hated too

I'm learning to forgive you
while learning to forgive myself

for always passing out when you ask me to leave.
Track Name: Same Shit Everyday
I know that you feel trapped and thats alright so do I
I know you feel like crap but thats alright so does my
Lack of sleep..

Lack of brain..

and so do all my friends who use to say:
Track Name: Drinkin'
I'm working 7 days a week
So to try to forget that I start to drink
And when I start to drink I ask for help
But the only thing that can help me
Is getting more sleep

I drink to forget.